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Leo Drive Newsletter: 2023 Recap Edition!

Marking our 8th anniversary in the industry, 2023 was indeed a year of dynamic progress and notable achievements. As we transition into 2024, we're filled with anticipation for the array of innovative projects and significant advancements on the horizon, set to sculpt further and refine the core of Leo Drive.

However, before we embark on the exciting journey that 2024 promises to be…

Let's pause and recap the pivotal moments that made 2023 an exceptionally successful year for us.


Autonomous Bus Project’s Demo 

Built on the joint work with Anadolu Isuzu and Autoware Foundation, we produced a beautiful use-case demo video, explaining not only what is covered at Bus ODD work but also how we orchestrated the project with various stakeholders, how the technical development is undertaken, and what Autoware tools we used for the work.


Exciting News from Robione

This year, we launched Robione, a brand that has emerged from the strategic partnership between Leo Drive and Robeff Technology. robione is poised to revolutionize the delivery and materials handling industry through autonomous vehicle solutions.

We are pleased to share the Robione’s new strategic partnership with a new innovative project. While we are currently keeping the specifics under wraps, this initiative promises to demonstrate the crucial role of Robione's robot in industrial environments and the efficiency gains autonomous technologies can bring to production processes.

This revolutionary approach will replace traditional operations with resulting in a substantial increase in operational efficiency and enhanced transparency in factory logistical processes.

More information on this exciting development will be shared shortly. We encourage you to stay connected with Robione for future updates.


The Intelligent Transportation Systems Association of Türkiye (AUS Türkiye (ITS Türkiye) ) awarded Leo Drive at their 6th annual Transportation Technology Awards for the startup category, honoring our submission of the Autonomy Essentials Kit.


Autonomous Solutions Across New Industries!

We forge ahead in our journey of autonomous transformation; we are actively implementing our innovative solutions across diverse industries.

Through our partnership with Musoshi, we aim to offer a solution for last-mile delivery in both urban and rural areas by transforming an N1-class electric delivery vehicle into a self-driving vehicle.

Responding to the growing demand for autonomous solutions, we are adapting our technologies for wider application across diverse industries and excitedly expanding our expertise to a broader spectrum of fields with new initiatives.


Expanding Our Reach and Creating Global Solutions!

We're excited to share a significant milestone in Leo Drive's journey – our EU expansion!

Our expansion into the European region begins with strategic initiatives in Italy and Estonia. In these countries, we will be deploying our easily adaptable autonomous technologies, marking a significant stride in strengthening our ties with Europe. These projects not only reinforce our connections but also lay the foundation for new global partnerships. Our activities in this region won't be confined to these projects alone. We are on the brink of announcing some exciting news that will further underscore our commitment to and presence in the global market.

While we're keeping the specifics under wraps for now, rest assured that this expansion is fueled by strategic planning, technology, and our determined commitment to our mission.


Autonomous Test Vehicle has embraced a new appearance. We have tailored its color and design to better reflect our mission and vision.

We had the opportunity to host numerous guests and deliver autonomous driving demonstrations with our renewed vehicle.

In a notable event from the past year, we were honored to host representatives from our investor TIER IV, providing us with a valuable opportunity to showcase our latest projects and the innovative solutions in autonomous technology we've been diligently developing.

We were delighted to host Kristjan Vilipõld from Auve Tech . During his visit, we showcased our autonomous platform and discussed future collaborations on the Autonomous Test Vehicle project. We're grateful to Kristjan and Auve Tech for the productive discussions and look forward to future developments.

At our YTU Yıldız Technopark workshop, we conducted an autonomous driving demo for our esteemed guests. The visits from YTU Rector Prof. Dr. Tamer Yılmaz and Technopark Manager Orhan Tanışman featured a demonstration of our test vehicle.


Events, Summits, Interviews, and More

CES2024 was a milestone for the Autoware Foundation, highlighted by the presence of our co-founder and Autoware Foundation’s Board Member Samet Kütük.

The Open AD Kit demo, a project Leo Drive has been actively involved in during its development, is showcased throughout CES2024. We extend our gratitude to Oğuz Kağan Öztürk for his contributions.

Attendees experienced the demos at prime locations, including the AWS booth, TIER IV booth, and the eSync Alliance's COVESA Event. For a detailed recap and insights into the Open AD Kit, visit Autoware’s social media and website.

Additionally, Open AD Kit Demo Getting Started Guide is available too!

Leo Drive had another successful year at the Autonomous Vehicle Technology Expo in Stuttgart. To get a detailed overview of the event, visit here.

We launched the Robione brand and revealed the Autonomy Essentials Kit version at the booth. Also, we hosted Europe's first Autoware Foundation meetup.

At IDEF'23 this year, Leo Drive and Neousys Technology demonstrated the latest advancements, reinforcing our position as Turkey's foremost distributor of autonomous technology solutions across diverse sectors.


We participated in the AUS Turkey Webinar Series, where we discussed our role in the industry and our future plans. We provided an overview of current trends and ongoing development of autonomous technologies.

We had an interview on NTV Tekno Hayat! During the program, our PM, Mert Çolak, explained the technologies we have developed and shared the traits of our test vehicle and our goals. 

In the Yıldız Teknopark's Success Stories series, our CEO, Armağan Arslan, shared insights into our projects and future ambitions.

This interview provided a platform for us to showcase our company's vision and. We express our thanks to the Yıldız Teknopark for making this event possible.


As 2023 drew to a close, we celebrated a year rich with events and groundbreaking projects. Looking forward, 2024 promises to be an even more dynamic year for Leo Drive and the entire autonomous industry.

Expect to hear from us more frequently as we share exciting updates through our renewed website and on social media. We have a series of innovative events and projects in the pipeline that we can't wait to share.

See you on the next one! 

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