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Building Open-Source Autonomous Platforms

Leo Drive's Test Vehicle

Advanced and reliable autonomous vehicles customized for any applications

Industrial Off-Road Vehicles

Autonomous transformation of Industrial vehicles for site operations trucks, loaders, excavators etc.
Autonomous Platform
Robione's autonomous platform

Autonomous Carriers for Cities 

Autonomous urban package delivery and logistics robots for smart city last-mile delivery operations.

Research Vehicles for Development

Prototypes of autonomous vehicles utilizing Autoware source and code for advanced experimental research.
Autonomous Vehicle with AEK

Leo Drive helps you to create autonomous vehicle blueprints utilizing Autoware as our open-source project


We ensure a thorough validation and verification process is in place to the utmost quality.

Creating end-to-end autonomous technology 

Mapping & Localization

Advancing autonomous driving precision through GNSS/INS and LiDAR integration. Maps evolve into dynamic sensors, enriching localization with SLAM, Point Cloud Matching, and odometry for safer, more reliable navigation.

Desing & Integration

Sensor and system integration including Drive-By-Wire, data storage, processing & control 

Perception & Planning

Perception, localization, path planning and control algorithms developments


AWSIM, our open source advanced simulation tool for Ubuntu 22.04 and Windows 11
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ODD testing on dedicated tracks replicates real-world scenarios for robust AV validation.
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Sensors & System

Explore Leo Store for top-tier autonomous driving essentials, including computers, lidars, radars, GPS units, and DBW systems
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