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Autonomy Essentials Kit

Autonomous transformation at its best. Delivered Fast.

Autonomous Vehicle industry is a high-entry barrier market. Creating an autonomous
vehicle solution takes time and heavy investment.
Autonomy Essentials Kit is lowering
that barrier
by introducing unparalleled customizability, ensuring seamless integration and reshaping the path to autonomous vehicle innovation, making it accessible, cost-effective, and infinitely adaptable. 

Adaptable Sensor Solutions
Leo Drive offers customization with Autonomy Essentials Kit to fit any type of vehicle platform. This flexibility allows you to modify the sensor suite to meet specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance across various applications. With the ability to adapt and integrate additional sensors, you can achieve comprehensive coverage and enhanced safety for your autonomous vehicles.
The Autonomy Essentials Kit is designed for versatility, allowing seamless adaptation to a wide range of vehicles and applications. From passenger cars and light commercial vehicles to specialized platforms like urban delivery, shuttle services, agriculture, and mining operations, the kit's customizable components ensure optimal performance. Leo Drive's innovative approach provides the right tools for achieving full autonomy in any project, driving your autonomous vehicle initiatives forward with confidence and efficiency.
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